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Cosmetics and beauty product manufacturers and distributors handle volumes of products, at such fast paces, that it can be challenging to keep up with customer demand.  In addition, there is no shortage of competition with similar products and services and your competitors are finding success on eCommerce platforms every which way you turn.

Stand out amid the competition and deliver the high-quality products your customers demand by deploying a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

The volumes of products that are manufactured and distributed in the cosmetic and beauty products industry are vast, to say the least.  Monitoring the sheer number of SKUs can leave your head spinning; and, maintaining optimal inventory levels while avoiding back orders requires significant resources.  Making matters even more difficult is that these products are consumables and often have loyal followers, so if a customer needs a specific product, it better be on the store shelves.

SAP Business One to help you improve your productivity

A modern ERP solution offers time-saving automation that improves productivity, optimizes manufacturing and distribution operations, and can strengthen e-Commerce efforts.  SAP Business One includes tailored warehouse management features, including barcoding and wireless scanners, that can streamline inventory management.  You can track raw materials as they enter the warehouse, are used in production, or the finished products that are promised to customers. Thanks to the direct putaway functionality, workers’ life is now easier, with this feature; they will automatically know where they should drop off the received inventory. Furthermore, the speed of the shipping process is dramatically increased, and manual errors are eliminated.

Material requirement planning features improve forecasting and can alert you when items are reaching minimum stock levels.  This lead time can reduce the chances of stock-outs and you can save money by making strategic procurement decisions that avoid needless overstocking.

SAP Business One also offers full-batch and lot-tracking features. This improved traceability can expedite the recall process if it’s ever needed.  These and other quality control tools can strengthen compliance with cosmetic regulations and industry obligations.  In addition, SAP Business One can be seamlessly connected to eCommerce solutions and major web marketplaces, such as Magento®,  Amazon® and eBay®, which can boost sales, improve branding, and support further growth.

Cosmetic and beauty product businesses can gain control and visibility throughout business operations by replacing inefficient systems with an ERP. Visit the Cosmetic and Beauty Products vertical page and contact N’ware Technologies for more information about using SAP Business One to stay ahead of your competitors and drive growth.

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