Apotheca, Inc. Grows Its Revenues from $1.2M to $7.2 with SAP Business One and LISA WMS

  • Company: Apotheca Inc.
  • Location: Arizona, USA
  • Industry: ​Manufacturing and wholesale distribution, Pharmaceuticals
  • Products & Services: Private-label and generic drug production and packaging
  • Employees:​ 12
  • Need: ERP for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals
  • Solution: SAP Business One

“I recommend SAP Business One to everyone. We couldn’t run our business without SAP. It’s our engine and has helped us grow from $1.2 million sales to a $7.2 million company today.”

Alaysha Lucy-McCarthy, COO, Apotheca, Inc

Apotheca is a family-owned pharmaceutical wholesaler and manufacturer located in Arizona. The company’s mission is to provide the healthcare industry with drugs and medicine with the best prices, latest technology, and most importantly great customer service. With SAP Business One, Apotheca was able to streamline business processes across its entire organization and focus on value-added activities to ultimately achieve a six-fold increase in sales.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Needed to replace legacy DOS-based management software
  • Failed first attempt to migrate to Blue Link ERP
  • Mandatory compliance with the pharmaceutical industry/FDA regulations and requirements

Why N’ware & SAP Business One for Manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals

  • N’ware’s approach to understanding Apotheca’s needs in a complex and highly regulated environment
  • SAP and LISA WMS provided key features, such as serialization and traceability, to ensure compliance with governmental regulations
  • A close partner recommended both SAP Business One and N’ware Technologies
  • Needed a proven ERP for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals

Creating Value

  • The combination of SAP and LISA WMS increased overall efficiency by 90%, by automating most processes and eliminating paper-based tasks
  • SAP’s reporting tools enabled the management team to access insightful information and to slice and dice business data across any department and business unit in real-time
  • SAP and LISA provided a simple workflow to manage product tracking and serialization required to comply with FDA regulations
  • SAP Business One enabled Apotheca to save in operating costs and grow sales by 500%
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