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Government Contracts

Successful compliance with government contracts requires close attention to detail and reliable, current data. Disparate specialty software or spreadsheets typically used to manage government contracts can lead to mistakes on key project milestones or spending, which can lead to issues with compliance with the government. Gain the control and insight that you need over each specific detail required by the contract by replacing inefficient systems with an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Successful organizations that provide work on government contracts rely on project managers to coordinate the services and activities for these contracts. Each contract is typically run like a project and can be unique in many different areas, requiring the attention of different experts or other resources as well as adherence to deadlines and budgets established in the contract. Balancing multiple projects and all the key client details can’t be trusted with manual or inefficient systems. Complete projects on time and on budget with an integrated solution such as SAP® Business One with our specific solution for Government Contractors.

Reliable Reports For Each Project

As described in a short brochure here you can have current, reliable reports for each project at your fingertips. You can manage labor, equipment, and materials for each project and monitor time and expenses in near real-time. Employees working on your project can enter time and expenses using a smartphone or tablet from the job site or client’s office. The closer you can get to accurate project data, the faster you can respond to deviations and ensure milestones are met.

The same project data that is captured can then be used by other departments for other reasons. Data can be automatically used to generate client invoices, for example. You can choose to bill at cost or by fixed prices, milestone billing, or billing by the due date and include project-related commissions. This same financial data can also be analyzed and used to calculate estimates for similar projects and to determine whether projects are profitable. Monitoring profit margins and other financial activities provide valuable insight that you can use to streamline operations, improve productivity and profitability, and grow your business.

Replace outdated systems with modern solutions and gain greater control and insight over each government contract so that you can maintain DCAA compliance. Contact N’ware Technologies for a copy of the brochure and for more information about using SAP Business One and the specific solution for Government Contractors, to manage projects more efficiently from start to finish.

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