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Applications to Match Industry-Specific Requirements


N’ware Technologies offers a full range of SAP Business One  applications (add-ons) tailored to meet your industry-specific requirements. We  only work with the best partners to deliver a seamless solutions providing a variety of functionalities to match your industry’s needs.

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Advanced Warehouse Management Software: LISA Distribution WMS

Streamlining the supply chain is fundamental to today’s competitive business environment. Key to that streamlining, is optimizing warehouse operations; from order management to dispatching to fulfillment and shipping. LISA distribution WMS products are seamlessly integrated with your business management solutions and are designed to better manage your supply chain, increase your visibility, your accuracy and the efficiency of your entire warehouse.

LISA Distribution WMS is a world class solution tailored for Small/start-up, midsized and larger enterprises.

Interface Customization: B1 Usability Package by Boyum IT

Rather than relying on expensive development work, B1 Usability Package lets you customize SAP Business One to suit your needs, and in turn cut this portion of your working day to a fraction of the size that it is now, saving you and your colleague’s time and your company money.

With B1 Usability Package your business can simply create and apply various types of rules to any fields in SAP Business One. There is no coding involved in these customizations, so there is no need to hire a developer in order to implement them.


Advanced Manufacturing: by Boyum IT Manufacturing supports manufacturing planning, control and implementation in small and mid-sized manufacturing companies in different ways – as much as necessary and as little as possible – with precise to ensure the efficiency and flexibility in the daily business. The business process of the customer takes the center stage. provides best practice-oriented methods and workflows that fit for major manufacturing industries like metal and plastics processing, machinery and apparatus, electrical/electronic equipment, automotive, packaging, chemical engineering, food.


Material Requirements Planning (MRP): Valogix Inventory Planner

The basic purpose of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is determining how much of which products needs to be either manufactured or purchased based on it being a component or ingredient of another item. MRP also determines when the product is required. Every item can have either Independent Demand or Dependent Demand.

The Valogix Inventory Planner for SAP Business One HANA uses Valogix latest technology solution. The Valogix Inventory Planner provides virtually every customer who carries inventory or runs manufacturing with immediate savings. Including Valogix will give you the edge you are looking for the first time and every time.


Business Process Optimization: Coresuite Country Package by Coresystems

With Coresuite Country Package you can optimally supplement financial evaluations and change the presentation of marketing documents to meet your requirements. Searching for data in SAP Business One will be as easy as searching Google and you can customize your SAP environment aligned to your in-house processes without any high additional programming costs.