Thames & Kosmos Brings Science Closer to Children with SAP Business One and N’ware Technologies

  • Company: Thames & Kosmos
  • Location: Rhode Island, USA​​
  • Industry: ​Wholesale distribution, Consumer goods
  • Products & Services: Educational kits, toys, and board games
  • Employees:​ 20
  • Need: ERP for distributors of consumer goods
  • Solution: SAP Business One

“SAP Business One, for us, has been all about process improvement; it has really helped to facilitate that. It is simple, and it has been easy to use.”

Christa R. Cronin, Director of Operations, Thames & Kosmos

Wholesale distributor of children’s science kits and board games, Thames & Kosmos seamlessly deployed SAP Business One with the help of N’ware Technologies. Simplifying workflows has enabled Thames & Kosmos to increase the number of transactions they can handle, resulting in continual, sustainable growth.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Legacy software (QuickBooks Pro) not adequate for growing transaction volume
  • Slow and cumbersome processes

Why SAP Business One & N’ware Technologies as an ERP Choice for Distributors of Consumer Goods

  • SAP Business One, supported by a variety of powerful add-ons, matched all of Thames & Kosmos’ actual and future business requirements
  • N’ware Technologies brings a consultative approach to software deployment and post-implementation services and to its supply chain expertise (LISA WMS)
  • SAP Business One’s interface is user-friendly
  • Needed a proven ERP for distributors of consumer goods

Creating Value

  • SAP provided the foundation, structure, and flexibility to support on-going expansion
  • Business processes and operations were streamlined
  • Value-added key modules were integrated: warehouse management (LISA WMS), advanced inventory planning, credit card processing, and e-commerce
  • Accuracy was improved and real-time access to business information was gained
  • The structure provided by SAP and LISA WMS allowed a seamless and smooth relocation to a new warehouse
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