ERP Software for the Firearms Industry

As a business in the sporting goods industry, you understand the importance of efficiently managing your time and resources to achieve sustainable growth and maximize profitability. Our ERP software is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of small and midsize manufacturers and distributions within the firearms industry. With features such as inventory management, financial management, bound book integration and supply chain management, SAP Business One ERP provides the functions required to take control of your operations while supporting government compliance (ATF, ITAR, DCAA, etc.).

Designed specifically to address the needs of growing small and mid-size businesses, SAP Business One is a scalable platform that allows companies to streamline all aspects of their operations, from inventory management and purchasing to financials and reporting.

Benefits of a Business Management Software for FFLs

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Serialization and Warehouse Optimization

Boost operators’ productivity, improve inventory visibility, and reduce carrying costs with barcode scanning, serial number tracking and system directed put-away and picking.

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Procurement, Manufacturing and Assembly

Optimize procurement, reduce production lead time, control your margins, capture production orders details/actuals and track shop-floor operations in real time.

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Administrative Tasks Automation & Paperless Processes

Save time and reduce costly errors caused by manual data entry by automating labor intensive tasks such as journal entries, order receiving and payment processing.

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Simplify Compliance with Government Regulations

Leverage secured technology and seamless integration to support FFL compliance with ATF, DCAA and ITAR requirements.


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An Affordable, Scalable and Quick to Deploy ERP

Our ERP solution allows firearms industry manufacturers and distributors to get up and running quickly and with minimal disruption to your operations to start realizing the business value of integrated management sooner. With SAP Business One, you can start small and go as you grow!

Simplify Key Processes with One Integrated Business Management Software

Our software is tailored to meet the unique needs of firearm businesses. Whether you assemble parts and accessories, or import and distribute finished goods, our solution is scalable and customizable to meet your specific requirements.

  • Track & Report Financial Data
  • Automate & Streamline:
    • AP/AR Invoices
    • General Ledger
    • Payroll
    • Cash Flow & Asset Tracking
    • Budgeting
  • Forecasting to Improve
  • Financial Transparency
  • Inventory Notification for Finished Goods
  • Automatically Manages Orders Based on Lead Times
  • Easily Add New Items to the Database
  • Industry Specific Solution: OneShot
  • ITAR Compliance to Ensure Safe Distribution
    • Blocks Sales to Restricted Buyers
  • ATF Form Tracking through Sales Orders
    • Automatically Submit ATF Forms
    • Notified Return of Forms
    • Blocks Final Transactions without Form Completion
  • Support Digital FFL Bound Book Creation
    • Easily Creates Bound Books with E-Signature
    • Provides Sales History of Individual Units
  • Maintain DCAA Contract Compliance
    • Outline the Scope of Work
    • Estimate Direct & Indirect Costs
    • Control Billing
  • 3PL Module for Remote Warehousing
  • Real-Time Unit Tracking
  • Automate Tag Printing & Serialization
  • Fast Order Fulfillment as Sales Occur
  • Barcode Scanning & Voice Picking
  • Visibility of the Production Floor
  • Updates Part Counts and Current Demand
  • Overviews the Product Assembly Cycle
  • Tracks a Bill of Material for Each Unit with Instruction
  • Automate Business Partner Entry
  • Securely Store Customer Information
    • Business Contact
    • Sales History
    • Invoices
  • Manages Repairs & Returns
  • E-commerce & EDI Integration



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