Automate EDI Transactions Processing to
Achieve Greater Productivity and Data Accuracy

The SPS Commerce Connector is a robust and seamless EDI integration for SAP Business One, powered by the flexible N’Tegrate platform. N’Tegrate’s EDI connector enables bi-directional data exchange between your ERP system and your clients’.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) replaces inbound and outbound order processes and related communications that usually required paper, fax, and manual operations.

Our EDI solution comes with a default set of EDI message templates/document standards – and provides further customization possibilities to adapt to your specific business requirements.

Solution Benefits

  • Reduce operating costs and increase profitability by automating data-entry and eliminating paper-based operations
  • Accelerate data processing speed and increase data accuracy by reducing manual processing
  • Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty with streamlined communications, faster order fulfilment, and by meeting your trading partner’s requirements
  • Bi-directional and seamless integration with leading EDI provider SPS Commerce, powered by N’Tegrate for SAP Business One

N’Tegrate’s EDI connector for SAP Business One enables a direct communication with SPS Commerce. Simple and quick to deploy, it provides a comprehensive set of templates and document standards out-of-the-box, while allowing for advanced customization and configuration. Additionally, N’Tegrate delivers a flexible platform to create personalized plug-ins to fit specific business rules.

Supports EDI messages 850 (Purchase order receipt), 855 (Order acknowledgement), 856 (Shipping notice), 810 (Invoice) with most common default mappings for SPS Commerce out-of-the-box

Configuration of custom EDI messages and notifications for your data needs, adding unique mappings or additional data values

Provides possibility to add custom plugins to facilitate unique business rules of your business

Direct and seamless integration between SAP Business One and SPS Commerce

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