After more than 25 years in business, N’ware has collected valuable information and feedback on the necessities of a solid Support Program to protect and maximize your IT investment. Our Support Programs will not only assure that you always have access to the most up-to-date technology (update, upgrades, etc.) but also have access to numerous resources to increase ERP performance and business profitability.

By choosing our SAP support and maintenance programs you contribute directly in:

  • Protecting your continued investment in your business management systems
  • Ensuring that the publishers keep innovating for your software & platform
  • Having access to improvements and innovations offered in the most recent versions
  • Getting technical support for software defects and system anomalies
  • Taking advantage and leveraging our award winning Client Care program

A Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated team of certified consultants, programmers, senior technicians, and support specialists is always ready to help!

We offer multiple SAP Business One support or maintenance programs, all including a direct access to our dedicated N’ware Support Team. Our specialized resources provide technical and software support during business hours, Monday through Friday.

An option for 24 hours / 7 days per week is also available at an additional cost, so our clients can have peace of mind when their operations require uninterrupted support.

The goal of our SAP Support Desk is to ensure the resolution of incidents, reported by our clients or their representatives, directly or through our network of solution partners. We do this by accomplishing the following:

  • Assist client and analyze all incident related information in detail
  • If applicable, access the customer’s system for analysis and reproduce the reported incident
  • Suggest and assist the customer to apply a workaround or fix
  • Determine the planned correction timelines and deliveries
  • Involve our consulting or Client Care teams for solution optimization

Need to Contact the Support Desk?



Send a detailed e-mail explaining the nature of the request or question to easily open a new ticket.


1-800-270-9420 ext. 150

Call our toll-free number. If all agents are busy, you can leave a message on the dedicated voicemail and a ticket will automatically be created.

Web Portal


Simply contact your Client Care representative to request your login credentials.

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