An ERP Solution for Cosmetic and Beauty Products

N’ware Technologies offers small and medium businesses an affordable way to meet the cosmetics industry requirements through the implementation of an integrated business management software. Drive better results by improving sales processes, logistics management, decision making and quality control. We provide the tools to assist in making optimum use of existing resources and overall increase productivity of your business.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, businesses in the cosmetics sector need to reduce the manual processes that hinder productivity. Eliminate costly paperwork errors, improve product quality and speed up distribution. N’ware helps streamline processes to maximize productivity and profitability across your entire business and manufacturing operations while giving you 360 degree visibility.

A Solution for Cosmetic and Beauty Product Manufacturers:

The cosmetic and beauty industry experiences growth through competitive pressure, fluctuated prices of raw materials and the need to conform to legal regulations. Cosmetic manufacturers have to constantly improve customer service while tightening control of formulas and production costs. Cosmetic and beauty products are faced with stringent quality control, formulation and regulatory requirements. N’ware provides a strong and integrated product costing, quality control, security, auditing and regulatory compliance tools.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Formula costing and “what if” scenarios;
  • Integrated lot quality management;
  • Cosmetic Regulation Compliance;
  • Full batch/lot tracking and lot recall: Lot tracking enables the ability to track several units of stock items using the same lot or batch number;
  • Accurate costing: Tools to ensure accurate costing;
  • Production management and planning;
  • Improve production scheduling;
  • Capture direct cost to production orders;
  • Advanced quality control procedures;
  • Capabilities to meet compliance requirements: FDA, Bioterrorism Act and cGMP, HACCP and ISO.

A Solution for Cosmetic and Beauty Product Distributors:

Cosmetic and beauty product distributors understand the importance of running an efficient and effective supply chain. Visibility is a major factor in getting business through the challenges today’s market throws at businesses. Our ERP solution includes specific functionalities aimed at simplifying complex supply chain roadblocks and surpassing client’s expectations.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Material Requirement Planning: The system will recommend and automate PO creation based on minimum stock levels and demand forecasts taking lead time into account;
  • Multiple warehouses and bin locations: Know where your items are to greatly accelerate the inbound and outbound the flow of products;
  • Mobile Application: Sales representatives can create orders while visiting clients while having full visibility real-time inventory, specific pricing or the use product catalog to showcase items and get extra sales;
  • Bar coding and wireless scanners: Increase warehouse productivity with system directed put away, picking and cycle counting process. All on hand-held device to speed up the process and eliminate errors.

LISA Warehouse Management System

The cosmetic and beauty business requires efficient execution of its inbound and outbound supply chain operations. Supporting the multiple channels to market such as EDI, eCommerce and direct ordering can create an order load that can overwhelm a warehouse. Implementing a real-time barcode, radio frequency base warehousing system is essential to operationally supporting those business requirements.

Maintaining order processing velocity, while efficiently capturing serial number and production lot/batch numbers and tracking and tracing them through the complete inventory cycle requires agile real-time processing.

LISA WMS enables our Consumer Goods customer/partners to streamline their supply chains by:

  • Using Manifest Management and Container tracking to gain visibility into inbound shipments and efficiently receive them into the warehouse upon arrival;
  • Implementing barcode scanning at the point of receipt to accurately record inventory and capture serial numbers and/or capture or generate lot numbers;
  • Tracking the movement and consumption of stock, including the serial numbers and lots through their life cycle in the warehouse;
  • Picking, packing and shipping using directed activities to increase productivity and enhance traceability;
  • Providing real time order status data that can be consumed on eCommerce and Portal sites to extend and enhance customer service;
  • Creation of ASN data to integrate seamlessly with EDI transaction processing.

All of these tools can help you optimize your warehouse, increase your accuracy, reduce shipping errors and make your customer happier.

To know more about LISA Warehouse Management System, please visit our website: www.lisawms.com

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