On Premise Deployment Method

Full control over your entire infrastructure

On-premise means that the software is installed and run on a computers on the premises (in the building) of the organisation using the software, rather than at a remote facility, such as cloud.

Good Reasons for On premise

Customers have full control over their entire infrastructure and can at any point physically walk over and touch their servers. While this is a great plus, at the same time you must plan for, maintain, and pay for all aspects of your infrastructure such as:

  • Basic necessities – electricity, space, cooling, etc.
  • Hardware – server, storage, backup, etc.
  • Software – security, high-availability, disaster recovery, etc.
  • Operations – administration, helpdesk, maintenance, etc.
  • Deployment & Migration – project management, architectural design, professional services, etc.

This can easily be a business all on its own and become a significant overhead in cost and resources to the business.

What you should know

In general, more in-house developed systems more you may lean towards an on-premise solution.


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