Architecture Assessment

To be successful in implementing a business application such as an ERP, you need to follow certain basics. The objective of project architecture is to clearly define your business process needs (As-Is) and define how they will integrate in your business application (To-Be). The goal is to integrate your end to end operations, and to ensure that the new system will address the goals and objectives to maximize your return on investment. At the end of the architecture a document is presented gathering all the details so all parties can agrees on deliverables.

SAP Business One Architecture

The architecture’s goals include:

  • Identify client compelling issues;
  • Provide a detailed analysis of the business requirements;
  • Document how business processes will be integrated into the business applications;
  • Define integration points between all systems that will be part of the final solution;
  • Provide hardware and software recommendations to ensure an efficient infrastructure;
  • Define the methodology to transfer legacy data to the new systems;
  • Define roles, responsibilities and deliverables of each party;
  • Provide a complete project schedule to meet go-live date;
  • Underline project risks;
  • Gain comfort level, clarify expectations & deliverables.


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