Electronic Funds Transfer for SAP Business One: Replace Paper Checks & Streamline Accounts Payable Processes

N’EFT is an add-on that enables SAP Business One users to pay vendors/suppliers through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) while eliminating the burden of error-prone, paper-based operations (checks, stamps, postal services, etc.).

N’EFT is a simple and cost-effective application that streamlines accounting procedures in order to stay on top of payables and reduce the risk of fraud or errors.

What is an EFT Payment?

Electronic Funds Transfer is a digital transfer of money from one bank account directly to another. EFT payments allow accounting and finance teams to move away from checks printing, thus eliminating costly paper-based operations and manual intervention. EFT processing is widely accepted and offered by Canadian banks.



Create Bank Transfer Formatted For Your Bank

Automatically create EFT files compatible with most major American and Canadian banks.


Easily Pay Your Suppliers and Automatically Send Payment Notices

Instantly notify vendors of issued payments via e-mail alerts entirely customizable with Crystal Reports.


Track Payments History in SAP Business One

Access transaction records and reports in a single centralized location.


Seamless SAP Business One Integration

Pull data from the SAP Business Partners database or any User-Defined Field (UDF) to configure the receiving bank, customize transaction documents/reports, or select the contacts to be notified following a payment.

N’EFT for SAP Business One Benefits

  • Save on operating costs and eliminate paper-based operations
  • Reduce errors caused by manual data entry
  • Enhance A/P process security
  • Pay vendor invoices on time, every time
  • Easily track payments history directly in SAP Business One

Supported File Formats

  • BANK OF IRELAND (pain.001.001.03)
  • CIBC 1464
  • CIBC (pain.001.001.03)
  • CPA 1464
  • ISO 20022 (pain.001.001.02)
  • ISO 22022 (pain.001.001.08)
  • National Bank (CPA 1464)
  • RBC 1464
  • RBC ACH 0094 (USD)

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