PT Aqua

Dublin-based PT Aqua globally distributes high-quality hatchery nutritional products for marine fry production and on-growing. Following a decade of exponential growth, PT Aqua turned to SAP Business One and the implementation wizards at N’ware Technologies to expand their system’s accessibility, simplify compliance procedures, optimize supply chain management and financial reporting, incorporate greater scalability, and to do it all from a single, integrated, Cloud-based platform. Now, PT Aqua is confident it can continue to fulfill its stated mission of offering class-leading products with fast on-time delivery and a total commitment to customer satisfaction.


Nemesis’ management team chose SAP Business One which was fulfilling most of their financial and operational requirements, but as a leading wholesale distribution company with international partners, they needed more advanced warehouse management features. Thanks to SAP Business One and LISA WMS, Nemesis Distribution’s management team is confident they have the tools to grow on the international marketplace.


PetStar is a leading Mexican company in PET bottle recycling worldwide and an example of circular economy, they also contribute to global sustainability through their PetStar Sustainable Business Model. They are part of the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry and, through their actions, they strengthen their commitment to Mexico. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of closing the supply chain loop to reduce cost and their dependence on raw materials. PetStar, the world’s largest PET bottles recycling facility is a great example of leadership for an efficient and sustainable circular economy.

Boston Organics

Boston Organics provides access to fresh, organic produce to promote and support healthy living in a mindful and sustainable way that respects the environment, supports local farms, local businesses, and fair-trade practices. Boston Organics used several systems and databases to manage their clients, inventory, and deliveries, which over the years became highly inefficient and didn’t allow to introduce improvements in their business model.


LEWA is a precision pump manufacturer based in Germany but also operates three locations in the US.  The manufacturer has been using SAP Business One since 2010, which unifies all of the businesses it has acquired over the last five years. The clear, intuitive ERP solution simplifies the firm’s complex processes and provides the flexibility and real-time visibility Lewa-Nikkiso needs to understand its past and plot its course for the future as a unified organization.

EBR Equipment

EBR Inc., a specialist in the development and the manufacturing of equipment for industrial food processing, was looking for a 100% integrated management system. EBR had been running two different systems which caused multiple problems. SAP Business One was, for EBR, the most complete solution to suit their needs, and N’ware Technologies was the ideal partner to help them throughout the implementation process and to support the company’s growth.

Thames & Kosmos

Thames & Kosmos is a wholesale distributor of educational science kits, board games and craft kits for children. Like many small companies, Thames & Kosmos was running Quickbooks Pro which suited their needs as a small-scale business. However, as the company grew, they quickly faced performance issues and slow system response. After acknowledging the problem, they decided to move forward with SAP Business One and N’ware Technologies.


Vibram is the world leader in the production and sale of high-performance rubber outsoles and unique FiveFingers “barefoot shoes”. After realizing the need for an integrated ERP system, Vibram researched and evaluated several solutions until they found the right partner. With the help of N’ware Technologies, Vibram implemented SAP Business One. They were able to customize SAP Business One to optimize their entire supply chain.

Wood Stone

Wood Stone, located in Bellingham, Washington, has been manufacturing commercial cooking equipment since 1990 and has grown as a market leader to provide high quality stone hearth ovens. Since working with N’ware Technologies and SAP Business One, Wood Stone has improved visibility and control over their manufacturing processes, becoming more efficient and allowing them to solve their problems more creatively and quickly. The industry leader will continue to help customers create great food and memorable experiences.

Congoleum manufactures residential and commercial resilient flooring products. They have implemented LISA WMS and SAP Business ByDesign to streamline the manufacturing and warehousing among other essential processes for the business to run better. Having an ERP and add-on that work together and give real-time information has allowed Congoleum to make quick manufacturing decisions, provide better and faster service to their customers, and accelerate expansion. Lastly, having implemented SAP Business ByDesign with LISA WMS has given Congoleum the opportunity to continue to grow, innovate, and focus more on their customers.

SAP Business One and LISA WMS enabled Enertrak to increase its operational efficiencies, streamline their supply chains, and gain control over a complex inventory that is spread across their six warehouses! Additionally, with their new, powerful, system in place, Enertrak’s management team is now able to make better, more confident decisions by capturing all critical information affecting sales, customers, operations and finance – making it instantly available from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

After deploying LISA WMS with the help and support of N’ware Technologies, Lanctôt immediately saw a difference with their operations. They improved significantly, maximizing all processes. They now can pick orders, receive them faster, and get them out to the customer quicker. Teaming LISA WMS to SAP Business One was the best decision since it is a live system. Everything that happens in SAP Business One appears simultaneously in LISA WMS. It maximizes the process in the warehouse and Lanctôt continues to gain efficiency.

Despite the fact that Nipon had acquired  SAP Business One in 2007, something was still missing. The ERP implementation brought significant improvements in many aspects, but the warehouse was not running as efficiently as it could… It was simply not enough to reach top speed. Nipon’s management team realized that an optimized omni-channel distribution process could only be accomplished with a fully and seamlessly integrated warehouse management system solution. After extensive research on WMS solutions available on the market, Nipon finally decided to implement LISA WMS in 2012, mainly for LISA’s seamless Integration and proven track record.

To fulfill their requirements, MES Metrics decided to partner up with N’ware Technologies for their SAP-Certified for SAP Business One add-on: LISA WMS. Taking advantage of LISA’s containers receiving, cross docking and shipping features, MES was able to streamline both the inbound and outbound supply chain, accelerating the order fulfillment process. Using bar code scanners and directed activities (put away/picking) enabled the warehouse employees to become much more productive and navigate easily through more than 3000 locations across the warehouse. Additionally, LISA provided an instant access to accurate information in real time allowing MES to track stock movements across the entire supply chain.


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