SAP HANA (SAP In Memory Computing)

High-Performance Analytical Appliance

Get the latest in-memory computing technology. With SAP Business One, powered by HANA, you take advantage of high-speed analysis to base your decisions on up-to-the-second data. The SAP HANA Platform is designed to access and analyze vast volumes of business data, thousands of times faster than traditional databases.

SAP HANA Dashboard

What is SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA?

SAP developed an in-memory database platform that uses innovative techniques to store data particularly suited for handling large amounts of relational data with unprecedented performance. SAP Business One powered by HANA is the affordable way to get trusted data thousands of times faster using SAP Business One.

Solution Benefits

Real-time access to trusted data accross your entire operation.

The ability to create and run real-time reports and make changes without IT support.

Out-of-the-box capabilities including pre-build reports and dashboards.

Reduce TCO with less hardware and maintenance than traditional database solutions.

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