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Ecommerce solution is a strong trend gaining traction amongst a variety of market and industry sectors around the world. While offering ecommerce services can be very lucrative, it also introduces a new set of challenges. To solve common ecommerce challenges, think ERP integration. The ecommerce functionality for SAP Business One application enables you to expand your business online with Web stores that make it easy for customers to find and purchase your products. It also provides a single, integrated solution for managing your business both online and offline.

MAG-B1 Sap Business One connector

Avoid Ecommerce Challenges by Integrating Technology

Get your ecommerce operation up and running efficiently at the very start by integrating ecommerce with your ERP system. Many businesses overlook or avoid this integration due to concerns with additional costs or anticipating a low volume of transactions after launching a new ecommerce platform. However, to fully sustain an online business and prepare for growth, position your business for success at the get-go with ERP integration. An ERP integration with ecommerce operations will provide greater control and insight over inventory, sales and customer relationships. In addition, ERP integration delivers these benefits:

Improved productivity

The less time your employees spend on manual and redundant data entry, the more time will be saved and made available for other business-critical tasks. Common data between systems can simply be shared or automatically transferred saving you from data entry, data errors, mistakes with orders, and time spent correcting errors.

Stronger inventory control

Operating two separate systems makes it difficult to synchronize inventory and changing price schedules. This process becomes even more complicated with every warehouse and distribution center you have or acquire over time. With a single, integrated system, you will have a single version of the truth including reliable inventory counts, availability and pricing.

Superior customer service

Integrating ERP and ecommerce operations provides your sales and customer service teams with real-time insight across inventory availability, historical and current customer orders, and trending information. You can offer a seamless multi-channel customer experience and eliminate potential bottlenecks that could lead to unhappy customers.

N’ware Technologies is in partnership with ITM Development. Their solution MAG B1 which is the ecommerce connector to SAP Business One provides a connection to various ecommerce solutions including Magento Community & Enterprise (1,2), PrestaShop, Shopware, eBay and can be integrated with many other platforms like WooCommerce, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

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Key Features

Full Control of your products from SAP Business One

MAG B1 gives you full control from SAP Business One over all aspects of product management.

Multi-store to one SAP Company

It provides the option to link multiple ecommerce sites to one SAP database.

Easy synchronization of your customers

With the option to synchronize customers in both directions, you will be able to satisfy your B2B and B2C clients even more.

Control of document creation

Document flow management of MAG B1 Add-on will give you the ability to create sales orders, quotations, draft, deliveries, invoices, etc.

The Key to Ecommerce Success is ERP Integration

The add-on is fully integrated with SAP Business One interface and menu, which means it is user-friendly and intuitive. You do not need to work with multiple programs to send your products. You also have the possibility to customize your integration according to your own specific business needs.

Take full advantage of all that ecommerce can bring to your business and your customers by integrating operations with your ERP system. A single, integrated system delivers greater productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction than multiple, disparate systems.

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