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Wrapping Up The 2022 N’User Group

“The most valuable part of the N’User Group was speaking with the N’ware team in person and networking with the other companies.” – 2022 N’User Group Attendee

Over the first few weeks of November, N’ware held the annual N’User Group events for clients in both Canada and the United States. Being the first in-person conferences since 2019 marked excitement on the calendar for many clients. As part of our unique customer approach, our Client Care team dedicates these two days to improving the SAP Business One usability experience.

Day 1: Executive Training

After kicking off the day with a warm welcome from N’ware CEO Dan Parent, industry experts dove right into trainings with the premise to assist clients along their resilience building journey. Topics to help clients get off on the right foot included the latest SAP Business One innovations, adaptability to sustaining profitability, inventory planning for a disrupted supply chain, and security best practices.

A discussion on empowering employees with efficient technology allowed segway for trainings on using reliable KPIs to mitigate risk, which transitioned nicely into the importance of an integrated ecosystem. Day 1 concluded with a discovery of how automation can allow for sales growth. The night was topped off with a cocktail hour that served as a nice networking opportunity for clients to share how they use SAP Business One in their respective business and industry.

Day 2: Deep Training

MRP training with a separate BEAS session and two tracks of queries were the building blocks for the second day’s deeper dive. The day blossomed with a round table discussion of becoming a “Super Superuser”, giving the opportunity for clients to interact once again.

Stealing the spotlight year-after-year and perhaps the biggest hit of the entire event is the tips and tricks portion of Day 2. An always cherished section of the N’User Group, tips and tricks allow clients to implement new procedures right when they get back to the office, improving day-to-day operational efficiency. A further lesson on security and a learning on the maximization of B1UP rounded out the day and concluded a great 2022 N’User Group.

We would like to thank all the clients for attending this year’s events and look forward to continuing your resilience building journey next year.

“Learning about the upcoming additions for the SAP Business One upgrade and receiving all the knowledge offered by the speakers will help with implement immediate practices” – 2022 N’User Group Attendee

N’ware would also like to thank the following partners for helping us deliver even more software value throughout the 2022 N’User Group:

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