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Boston Organics used several systems and databases to manage their clients, inventory, and deliveries, which over the years became highly inefficient and didn’t allow to introduce improvements in their business model.

Solution Highlights:

According to business management solutions experts, there are three tell-tale signs that will help you identify when you have outgrown your current accounting software. They relate to the following three areas:

  • Fully integrated business management solution
  • System’s flexibility and scalability
  • Easily extended functionalities to meet evolving needs
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface

Boston Organics Promoting Healthy Food Habits

We looked at some systems that were just plug-in right out the box, others that you had to fully customize, and we felt that SAP Business One was somewhere in the middle. It gave us some right out of the box functionality as well as was flexible enough to customize certain aspects of it that allowed us to maintain the uniqueness of our business.”

About Boston Organics

Boston Organics provides access to fresh, organic produce to promote and support healthy living in a mindful and sustainable way that respects the environment supports local farms, local businesses, and fair-trade practices.

For more information about Boston Organics, visit their website here:

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