Morin Corp: Building the Foundation for Sustainable Growth & Profitability with SAP Business One

  • Company: Morin Corporation
  • Location: Connecticut, USA
  • Industry: ​Manufacturing, Building materials
  • Products & Services: Architectural metal roof and wall panel systems
  • Employees:​ 70
  • Need: ERP for building materials manufacturers
  • Solution: SAP Business One & LISA WMS

“SAP Business One has allowed us to expand. We can now generate reports a lot quicker – and make decisions faster – because we have real-time data in front of us”

Ron Guilmette, Systems Analyst, Morin Corporation

Subsidiary of Kingspan Group of Companies, Morin Corp is a leading manufacturer of metal wall, roof and perf panel systems with operations in Connecticut, Florida and California. Implementing SAP Business One has enabled the organization to increase revenues without increasing overall headcount, to streamline business processes and workflows, and to get its products to market quickly.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Outdated legacy ERP software could not meet the company’s growth goals
  • Parent company was using SAP R/2, but Morin wanted a software better suited for a mid-sized company

Why N’ware & SAP Business One for Building Materials Manufacturers

  • SAP Business One easily handles subsidiary integration and standardization with parent company using SAP
  • SAP’s features and function met Morin’s business requirements
  • SAP’s interface is user-friendly
  • N’ware was chosen to implement SAP because they demonstrated they had the expertise to support Morin in growing its business and fully understood its business processes

Creating Value

  • Morin replaced spreadsheet-based operations and reduced manual data entry
  • SAP Business One provides real-time access to accurate business information across every department
  • Time required to complete month-end reporting reduced by 60%
  • LISA WMS streamlined inventory management, significantly reducing errors, accelerating orders fulfilment speed and providing real-time visibility over stocks
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