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The warehouse is a mission-critical part of a successful manufacturer or distributor.  A strong supply chain, efficient operations, and smart decisions can streamline order fulfillment, strengthen customer relationships, and expand profit margins. Optimize warehouse operations by replacing lagging, legacy systems with more efficient modern technology.

Warehouse Management Solution

Strengthening the supply chain, gaining control and insight over inventory are necessary for manufacturers and distributors; however, impossible without optimizing warehouse processes.  An integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a step in the right direction, yet not enough for today’s fast-paced marketplace.  A powerful warehouse management solution (WMS), such as LISA WMS, can be seamlessly connected to your business systems and provide the control you need to improve warehouse operations.


The LISA WMS solution was designed to meet the unique challenges faced by manufacturers and distributors and extends the power behind SAP’s strongest products, including SAP Business One and SAP ByDesign. Armed with this new technology, you can expect the following benefits:

  1. Inventory insight: Gain real-time inventory insight including the type and quantity of inventory, as well as where it can be founded in the warehouse. High-level details for inbound and in-process items; and, inventory by warehouse, zone, and bin can provide the insight you need to make strategic procurement decisions, cut inventory costs, avoid overstocking, and reduce the chance for stock-outs.
  2. Warehouse productivity: Streamline cycle counting; inventory transfers; put-away procedures; and, pick, pack, and ship processes. When operating multiple warehouses, a web-based transaction interface makes it easier to manage inventory movement between locations.
  3. Save time and money: Seamless integration with EDI and shipping solutions can save valuable time in the warehouse and expedite the order to cash cycle which can lead to improved cash flow.
  4. Customer satisfaction: With quick access to real-time inventory data, your sales and customer services teams can be more responsive to customer inquiries and demands. Knowing what’s promised and available can expedite the quoting process. In addition, delivering the right products to customers, at the right time, improves customer satisfaction and leads to long-term loyalty.

Strengthen warehouse operations by replacing inefficient systems with stronger technology. Contact N’ware Technologies for more information about LISA WMS solution and how this technology can optimize your warehouse, boost profits, and impress customers.

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