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On its way to reach the peak

Founded in 1937, Vibram designs, produces, and distributes high-performance rubber outsoles in the sport, leisure, industrial, orthopedic, and repair markets.

Pushing quality product and productivity

The Italian company takes pride in delivering products with high standards, which are based on quality, performance, safety, innovation, and design. To support its worldwide operations, Vibram operates multiple stores and distribution centers through subsidiaries around the globe. After realizing the need for an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Vibram researched and evaluated several solutions until they found the right partner…

With the help of N’ware Technologies, Vibram implemented SAP Business One. They were able to customize SAP Business One to optimize their entire supply chain under a single, integrated business management system that responded to their specific business needs and aligned with their headquarters’ requirements. SAP Business One provides accurate, standardized business information, which allows better decision making and complete visibility over the company’s operation.

Counting many major retail businesses as their customers, electronic data interchange (EDI) quickly became a prerequisite to ensure profitable relationships and a high level of satisfaction among its clients. As per those necessities, N’ware’s partner DICentral was brought to the table to collaborate on the implementation of a fully integrated EDI solution. In addition to keeping the big retail players happy, EDI allowed Vibram to easily import data without manual intervention, allowing the company to operate with fewer IT resources.

Now supported by a powerful and scalable ERP system, Vibram was able to find the peace of mind needed to focus on their profitability and most importantly what they do best: delivering innovative and high-quality performance products to sports enthusiasts across the globe.

Run better with Vibram FiveFingers and SAP Business One

‘’SAP Business One allowed us to keep our process and really customize the system to work for us and give us all the information we needed in one convenient platform.’’

About Vibram

Vibram ® is the world leader in the production and sale of high-performance rubber outsoles and unique FiveFingers ® “barefoot shoes”. For more than 70 years, the famous yellow octagon that identifies the brand has been synonymous with quality, performance, safety, innovation, and design. Since revolutionizing the sport with the creation of the first rubber sole for mountain climbing in the 30’s, Vibram has positioned itself as the market standard. Vibram soles, created with a desire to increase safety and protection levels, are the result of a constant commitment to research and development.

For more information about Vibram, visit their website here:

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