Promoting Healthy Food Habits with N’warTechnologies& SAP Business One

Boston Organics logo
  • Company: Boston Organics
  • Location: Massachusetts, USA​​
  • Industry:Wholesale distribution foo& beverages 
  • Products & Services:Organic fruitsvegetables and groceries
  • Employees:20
  • Need: ERP for distributors of food and beverage
  • Solution: SAP Business One

“SAP gave us some right out-of-the-box functionality as well as was flexible enough to customize certain aspects of it that allowed us to maintain the uniqueness of our business.

Jeffrey Barry, President, Boston Organics

Boston Organics used several systems and databases to manage their clients, inventory and deliveries, whicovethe years became highly inefficient and didn’t allow for improvements in their business model. The flexibility and adaptability provided by SAP Business One allows them to grow as they continue to offer fresh, organic produce to their customers.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Multiple disconnected legacy systems requiring manual data entry
  • Lengthy and inaccurate inventory/warehouse control
  • Streamline the order to delivery process

Why SAP Business One & N’ware Technologies as an ERP Choice for Wholesale Distributors

  • SAP Business One combines solid out-of-the-box functionality and flexible customizable features
  • N’ware has the ability to deploy one platform to manage every business process
  • SAP Business One provides scalability to address long-term growth
  • SAP Buisness One is a proven ERP for distributors of food and beverage

Creating Value

  • Boston Organics can now add new products and features for their customers quickly
  • SAP Business One has brought discipline and efficiency across the organization
  • All processes now flow seamlessly through SAP Business One from customer‘s data, to finances, to the website, and to vendors
  • Accurate information across all departments can be accessed in real time
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