Norvik Embodies Excellence, Thanks to the Expertise and Know-how of Its Employees, Powered by SAP Business One

Norvik Tooling Logo
  • Company: Norvik Tooling
  • Location: Quebec, Canada​​
  • Industry:Wholesale distribution, Industrial tools and components
  • Products & Services: Bolts, industrial ties, fasteners, cutting tools, abrasive, etc.
  • Employees:​ 20
  • Need: ERP for distributors of industrial tools and components
  • Solution: SAP Business One

“We don’t reduce our margins to gain market share, but we strive to lower the logistics costs of our customers. For this, internal logistics must be flawless; this is what SAP provides us.”

Benoit Brouillette, Operations Director, Norvik

Norvik, founded in 1987, distributes cutting tools, components abrasives, and other industrial supplies for the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Following the path of its sister company (M.Lemieux), Norvik Tooling implemented SAP Business One to achieve operational excellence and keep focusing on delivering exceptional products and services to its clients.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Both SAP Business One and N’ware have a proven industry track record and supported Norvik’s sister company
  • SAP Business One has a robust intercompany integration
  • Quality and flexible reports are provided by SAP
  • Integration of printers and automation of printing tasks was required by Norvik’s internal processes​

Why SAP Business One & N’ware Technologies as an ERP Choice for Wholesale Distributors

  • SAP Business One combines solid out-of-the-box functionality and flexible customizable features
  • N’ware has the ability to deploy one platform to manage every business process
  • SAP Business One provides scalability to address long-term growth
  • SAP Buisness One is a proven ERP for distributors of food and beverage
  • Needed an ERP for distributors of industrial tools and components

Creating Value

  • Optimal inventory management generated significant savings for Norvik
  • Centralized customer data in CRM provided an easy access to information and ensured knowledge retention
  • Annual discounts were gained when bargaining with suppliers through comprehensive purchasing reports
  • Multiple currency management was simplified
  • Transactions were standardized, and financial data was consolidated between the sister companies
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