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Yes! There’s a new way to remove the complexity with your ERP Software for your service workers!

The SAP Business One team announced that the Mobile Service app is now available on Apple iOS. This means your service workers can connect over WI-FI or cellular network to the SAP Business One ERP application and CRM data via their mobile device.

Provide on-site services for customers by easily and efficiently reviewing and resolving assigned service tickets

Look and filter your service tickets and synchronize them to your calendar

Resolve your service tickets

  • Edit, close, share and print service tickets
  • Scan barcodes or QR codes to identify items as needed and update information
  • User favorite options to check in and check out, call customers, take photos, and view service history
  • Take quick action to manage sales orders that are linked to a service call

Manage Sales Orders

  • Easily view, edit, create, duplicate, and cancel sales orders that are linked to a service call that belongs to your service ticket

View and/ or download all attachments linked to the service ticket

  • Attachments can include critical details of a service call relating to your service ticket

Identifying items

  • Easily identify an item by its Serial Number or Manufacturer Serial Number or the Item Code by scanning the bar code

If you do not have any internet access, do not worry! You can work Offline!

  • Simply download the latest service ticket data to your mobile device in advance

This is just a small list of what the SAP Business One Service app can do. It is also easy to setup, user-oriented, highly usable, comprehensive security, available in 27 languages, it is affordable, and more.

SAP Business One Mobile Service App Demo

Want more information?

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