Medical Supply Company Aids Ireland through Doctorate Level Expertise and SAP Business One

  • Company: Medical Supply Company
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Industry: ​Wholesale distribution, Laboratory Products
  • Products & Services: Equipment and IT for the Clinical Diagnostics, Life Sciences, Pharma and Health Informatics sectors
  • Employees:​ 54
  • Need: ERP for Distributors of Laboratory Products
  • Solution: SAP Business One

“Working with Business One through N’ware allows us to not worry about our business processes. We have confidence in the product and people to focus on the driving forces of our business, without having to question what is happening behind the scenes.”

Cian Murphy, Chief Operating Officer, Medical Supply Company

Medical Supply Company (MSC) was founded in 1971 in Dublin, Ireland. MSC is a family run business and is one of the largest laboratory suppliers in the country. They are leading the way with reagents, equipment and cutting-edge technology into the clinical diagnostics and research markets. MSC has over 50 years’ experience serving the Market. The customer base is primarily hospitals, research institutes, academic sectors, pharmaceutical companies, and food production sectors across Ireland. With 12 doctorate or masters level salespeople and 17 service engineers, MSC takes pride in providing support for the equipment they supply. With a team of highly qualified and continuously trained professionals, they can provide on-site installation, validation, and commissioning of instruments, while also carrying out troubleshooting, services, and repairs as required.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Using an “ancient software” that was not capable of scaling the organization
  • Working from the Microsoft Office suite hindered growth and slowed processes
  • Physical stock counting was time consuming and created inaccuracies in stock levels

Why N’ware & SAP Business One for Distributors of Laboratory Products

  • The people at N’ware have a strong understanding of the business processes and how SAP Business One fits into those processes.
  • N’ware has a strong reputation and the knowledge to improve processes
  • There are truly no limits with SAP Business One
  • SAP Business One allows for business growth and is adaptable to each need
  • Needed a strong ERP for Distributors of Laboratory Products and the correct partner to execute their vision

Creating Value

  • Increased capabilities including the oversight of sales orders and customer quotes
  • Knowledge of SAP FSM is second to none in comparison to previous partner
  • N’ware has been proactive in providing suggestions and improvements to the usability experience
  • SAP Business One has allowed the company to continuously invest in their processes to stay ahead of the market
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