Humboldt Manufacturing Establishes the Foundations for International Growth with N’ware & SAP Business One

  • Company: Humboldt Manufacturing
  • Location: Illinois, USA
  • Industry: Manufacturing, Industrial equipment & components
  • Products & Services: Equipment to test construction and civil engineering materials
  • Employees:​ 75
  • Need: ERP for industrial equipment & components manufacturers
  • Solution: SAP Business One

“Anyone could give us a basic ERP solution. But with SAP Business One, we get exposure to a solution that works with clients worldwide. It gives us best-practice insight I can incorporate into our business to help it grow.”

Prem Abraham, IT Manager, Humboldt Manufacturing

Humboldt Mfg. Co. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of construction materials testing equipment, used extensively throughout the world for testing soil, concrete, cement, asphalt and aggregate in construction projects. With the help of N’ware and SAP Business One, the mid-sized company streamlined its entire operations and was able to grow on the Web and international markets year after year.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Legacy software AS400 was no longer supported by the publisher and maintaining the ERP internally involved substantial financial and manpower resources

Why N’ware & SAP Business One for Industrial Equipment & Components Manufacturers

  • The company selected SAP Business One because it was a recognized world-class solution, which was highly recommended for businesses with similar activities
  • N’ware was chosen for its SAP expertise and reputation as a reliable partner
  • Humboldt had also been impressed by N’ware’s approach to understanding their business’ processes

Creating Value

  • Transformation of Humboldt’s business processes into automated, optimized, streamlined and integrated workflows, running entirely on SAP
  • Elimination of most paper-based operations and manual entry on administrative tasks
  • Real-time visibility and insightful reports such as inventory availability or historical trends allowed better decision making
  • SAP has enabled Humboldt to grow its business year-on-year and provided the infrastructure for it to expand into international markets
  • E-commerce integration allowed to double website sales and enabled orders to flow directly in the system
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