SAP Business One Provides Serosep a Helping Hand in Worldwide Exports

  • Company: Serosep
  • Location: Limerick, Ireland
  • Industry: ​Wholesale distribution, diagnostic solutions
  • Products & Services: Clinical Microbiology, Histopathology, Environmental Laboratory Equipment and Instruments
  • Employees:​ 121
  • Need: ERP for Distributors of Diagnostic Solutions
  • Solution: SAP Business One

“The people at N’ware really understand our business, which in turn allows us to customize our Business One experience and move towards the future seamlessly”

Emma Morgan, Chief Financial Officer, Serosep

Since 1997, Serosep has been distributing diagnostic solutions while also keeping best in class support at the forefront of their approach. Twenty-five years later, they continue to thrive through their investment in R&D facilities, and their commitment to innovation and product development. The 2021 Medtech company of the year has ever growing aspirations to continuously expand knowledge and expertise to ensure they meet the growing needs of their customers while offering them a unique experience.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Were previously on Sage 100 but needed to upgrade for a more scalable solution
  • Manual and paper-based operations were too time consuming
  • Needed integrated software as they had a few unconnected platforms

Why N’ware & SAP Business One for Distributors of Diagnostic Solutions

  • A good working relationship with representatives from N’ware who understood the business
  • They were looking for an ERP that could deal in with the multiple facets of their business operations
  • Were in search of better insight overall, especially data visibility in reference to stock and stock movements

Creating Value

  • Stock management time was cut, and they had visibility of what was coming in and going out
  • N’ware developers made custom add-ons to improve order management and fulfillment
  • The customer experience at Serosep has become more instantaneous
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