SAP Innovation Summit Orlando

24-26 May 2022, Orlando, Florida USA

For the first time since the world was struck by the pandemic, N’ware Technologies and partners alike gathered for the SAP SMB Innovation Summit in Orlando, FL. The three-day event allowed SAP partners the chance to partake in various activities and exercises including hearing from proven keynote speakers, viewing the latest SAP product innovations, networking through the SAP ecosystem and of course exploring the Solution Fair.

SAP Business One Product Development Roadmap 2022

N’ware’s delegation of ERP software consultants were thrilled to learn about several new upcoming features and functions, most of which were guided by the requirements and feedbacks from SAP’s small and mid-sized customers. As SAP’s executives were unveiling SAP Business One’s new features, our consulting team focused on capturing key announcements that would translate into value for our clients. Here are some of the upcoming features announced for SAP Business One:

  • Revamped SAP Business One Web Client for 22-23
  • New SAP B1 Carbon Footprint Management Module
  • Enhanced Analytics, Business Intelligence and Charting Functionalities
  • Microsoft Products (OneDrive, Teams, Outlook) Integration with SAP Business One
  • Flexible Deployment Options for both SAP Business One Cloud and On-Premise Implementations

Delivering Leading Supply Chain Solutions to SAP Business One and ByDesign Partners

As a Software Solution Partner Sponsor, N’ware had the opportunity to display and discuss its own proprietary applications portfolio for SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign. Among those add-ons were LISA WMS, a warehouse management system that offers seamless integration for both Business One and SAP ByDesign, as well as PDC-One, an application designed to track manufacturing data against SAP Business One’s production module.

The cherry on top of the trip was the launch of N’Tegrate to the American market. It was in Orlando that partners learned about the offerings of the powerful solution. N’Tegrate is an integration platform that connects SAP Business One to a wide variety of third-party applications, industrial machines, and data sources. N’Tegrate allows non-technical users to enable bi-directional communication between their ERP and target applications through preconfigured scenarios or .CSV files import/export functionality.

N’ware later took the opportunity to travel to Dublin for the third installment of the SMB Innovation Summit from June 14-16.

For more information on N’Tegrate click here.

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